1. The idea

Polski Ślad abroad is intended to support the economic undertakings of Poles and persons of Polish origin who identify as Poles and manage their own companies abroad, this being their primary area of activity. It is a sign of the cultural connection between business and Poland, indicating entrepreneurs’ sensitivity to the concepts of economic patriotism. Polski Ślad abroad is to be a guidepost for Poles residing outside of Poland and Polish citizens traveling beyond Poland’s borders. We wish for Polish companies abroad, meaning companies belonging to Polish citizens or persons of Polish origin, to be associated with Polish innovation, entrepreneurship, and resourcefulness. To refute negative stereotypes and build a positive image of Poland. However, we disqualify cases where Poles operate in Poland while having a company abroad.


  1. Goals of the project abroad
  1. To create local networks of persons economically linked to Poland in the given country.
  2. To create natural recipients of products and services that are made in Poland within the scope of the native Traces of Poland.
  3. To strengthen Poland economically and build supranational Polish economic networks.
  4. To reinforce the national identity of the Polish diaspora around the world and to strengthen diverse Polish values (social, symbolic, economic).
  5. To help Polish companies around the world cooperate with one another in their business.


Standard price list for first year of duration of the agreement RE. company certification

Number of employees working for the company

Regular price

1 – 20

PLN 348,60

21 – 50

PLN 908,60

51 – 100

PLN 1 328,60

101 – 500

PLN 3 148,60

501 – 1000

PLN 5 668,60

1001 -< …

PLN 9 868,60

|Company application form - Polski Ślad abroad

  • Optional
  • Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf
  • (* - with the exception of sales of goods and services which cannot be manufactured/rendered in Poland)